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1619 - 2019

Vol. 3
Jubilee from 400 Years of Slavery
Genesis 15: 12-14  / 2 Esdras 15: 9,12 / Isaiah (Yesha’yahu)14: 1-4 / Acts: 7: 6,7

SPIRIT & TRUTH Vol. 3 book is available now in celebration of the jubilee from 400 years of bondage that the children of Yahudah (Judah) have been subject to all over the earth! For more info check out the Spirit & Truth tab above. This book is for all of Abba YAH's children, Black, White, Brown, etc. All tribes, nations, and tongues that acknowledge YAHUAH as their Elohiym & Yahusha as their Savior! 

Please check out my other pages to explore more about my Art & Design story! For every image has a story! Scroll down to see a few samples of projects I have worked on.

All Glory to the Most High YAH!

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