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This is the current issue of Spirit & Truth, Vol. 3, that contains a vast amount of biblical research data that will aid you in your study of the Word of YAH! This version also includes a circular style calendar for the year of 2019 that will help you to see when the feast days actually fall in relation to the current calendar we use today.


Abba YAH's calendar is based on a 364 day calendar in which all of the Feast Days from year to year would fall on the same day! To understand more research "Sidereal Day" to discover why each day isn't a complete 24 hours.

Other info includes a Golden Spiral Biblical timeline from creation to now showing key events and peoples lives from Adam to now. Have you ever wondered where the Noah's Ark, The real Mount Sinai, and tower of Babel remains are? Discover why the flood was sent to destroy everything except Noah, and the other seven humans along with every land animal that Yah spared from certain destruction!

Please note that each sample image has been cropped to show the detail of some of the pages. The book is 12x12 inches and when opened up each page is 24x12 inches and lays flat so the images are not interrupted by a seam in the middle. A total of 15 24x12 inch pages displayed in rich color for a dynamic Biblical experience.

When I started researching this info for Spirit & Truth my intent was trying to make sense of certain biblical scriptures in reference to the times we are in now. I began sharing some of the info with family and friends in some of our bible studies, not realizing how much of a benefit is was to those who saw it. So I decided to create a study aid that would be easier to transport than the laminated pages I was making. As a result the book was created with much thanks to Adoramapix a site that prints the most beautiful lay-flat books I've seen!

Thanks to the Most High Abba YAHUAH for blessing me with the understanding to complete this book, My wife Carita for her love and support, Jhe' for being a supportive daughter, My Mom and Grandmother who supported me all my life, My brothers in arms Mark Scott, Rev. Lee Johnson, Rev. Bruce Linwood, the late Rev. George Hawkins, Mrs. Hawkins, Rev. Ronald & Judith Norvell, Ben Torres, Chris Woods, Tim Clemens, William Pettiford, Ricky Johnson, and their respected wives and families. Many thanks to all of the brothers and sisters and followers of YAH that have inspired me to dig deeper, The late Ron Wyatt and his family, Watchman Reports- Watchman Yahu & Deborah Yah, Truth Unveiled 777, Rav Sha’ul, Dr. Mumbi Seraki, and many others that have opened my eyes through the grace of Abba Father to seek the truth! Thanks to the publisher of the Cepher Bible and the restoration of the true names of the Biblical participants.

The images that are presented on this page are only sneak peeks; they do not show the full image as printed in the book. Volume 3 contains 15 12x24 inch lay-flat pages


The new volume 3, 2019 edition book contains 18 12x24 inch lay-flat pages including the introduction and the index, all illustrated in full color! This version is dedicated to the 400 years of slavery for Hebrew decedents in America that started with a group the tribe of Yahudah (Judah) arriving in Virginia in August 20, 1619 as indentured servants a fancy word for slaves.


Fallen Angles
Biblical Flood
Day Of Noah
7 Day Creation Genesis Timeline
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