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Brian D. Lawrence

Hello, thank you for visiting my site. Here you will discover some of my work in design over the years and illustrated biblical truth that is a fulfillment of biblical prophesies throughout the ages. Many hours of study with family and friends in ministry and accurate biblical theology have contributed to much of the info found in the book Spirit & Truth. Much of this info is available in a soon to be published 3rd edition of the Book Spirit & Truth that is available now.

I am a degreed Industrial Design major that graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design in 1993. I have experience working at Kenner - Hasbro from 1994 to 2001, and freelancing from 2001 to current, doing a variety of product and illustration for a wide range of clients. Under the title of Redlion Design Studio, I have been able to forge relationships with professionals across the earth, and collaborate on some inspirational products and concepts. My passion has always been in art expression truth were ideas meet reality in an innovative way.

I am thankful for my wife Carita for supporting my endeavors in design over the years, and being my cheerleader as I explore new career opportunities! Appreciation is also given to my mother and family and friends for being with me throughout this journey.

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